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Indian Chamber of Commerce

Founded in 1925, ICC is the leading and only National Chamber of Commerce operating from Eastern India, and one of the most pro-active and forward looking Chambers in the country today.

ICC’s North – East Initiative has gained new momentum and dynamism, and the Chamber has been hugely successful in spreading awareness about the great economic potential of the North-East at national and international levels. Trade and investment shows on North – East in countries like Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam have created new vistas of economic co-operation between the North – East of India and South-East Asia. The North East Initiative is also engaging with state governments in livelihood generation by promoting indigenous products of the region through export oriented projects. ICC is also recognised as nodal chamber for development of North East of India by Ministry of DoNER.

Directorate of Agriculture, Horticulture & Food Processing, Government of Assam

The Agriculture Department, Assam was created in April, 1882

The Assam’s Agriculture Department has crafted a vision of SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE FOR ENOUGH FOOD, EMPLOYMENT AND WEALTH, with a focus on poverty alleviation, conservation of natural resources, increase productivity of rice and pulses, increasing oil seed production etc.

The Horticulture Department has a commitment of giving top most priority on commercialization of the sector and formulating crop specific strategies with a target of promoting sectors such as banana, assam lemon, orange, litchi, mango, papaya, pineapple, cashewnut, coconut, floriculture, rabi vegetables, kharif vegetables, potato, black pepper, chilli, corriander, ginger, other spices, aromatic & medicinal plants and processing technologies.

Assam Agricultural University

Assam Agricultural University is the first institution of its kind in the whole of North-Eastern Region of India. The main goal of this institution is to produce globally competitive human resources in farm sectorand to carry out research in both conventional and frontier areas for production optimization as well as to disseminate the generated technologies as public good for benefitting the food growers/produces and traders involved in the sector while emphasizing on sustainability, equity and overall food security at household level.

The AAU works with a vision of provisioning of quality human resource to facilitate technology led agricultural renaissance revitalizing and rejuvenating post-green revolution in agriculture ensuring both production and environment sustainability targeting a minimum of 4% agricultural growth while addressing the issues of household nutritional security, farmers’ distress, commerce in agriculture as well as regional, national and global food crisis taking the advantage of innovative technology, market reforms and liberalization.

The University is mandated on imparting resource conserving, quality and market driven education in agriculture and allied fields to facilitate agricultural growth for food security and undertake basic, strategic and applied research in the sector for agriculture centric business and employment avenues in the production to consumption chain, Technology showcasing and transfer to the user groups for science led agricultural growth.